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Bryan Windle joins us to talk about King Xerxes=Ahasuerus of the 5th century BC Persian empire. The history of  Xerxes fits extremely well with the book of Esther. Bryan will be talking about reliefs, inscriptions, the campaign of Xerxes against the Greeks, and other archaeological evidence. The palace described in Esther chapter one matches the archaeological evidence down to the minute details. Please join us!

Pastor Bryan Windle joins us to talk about Cyrus the Great. Cyrus is best known for his edict allowing Jewish exiles in Babylon return to Jerusalem. One hundred fifty years before this event took place, Isaiah prophesied both the decree and even the name of the future Persian King. Is there archaeological evidence confirming the history of King Cyrus and his edict recorded in the Bible? Find out!

Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus? Egyptologist and biblical scholar Dr. Douglas Petrovich joins us to talk about Amenhotep II. We’ll discuss his slave recovery campaign, Habiru, and the abandonment of Avaris. Is Amenhotep II the Pharaoh of the Exodus? Find out!

Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus? Egyptologist and biblical scholar Dr. Douglas Petrovich joins us to talk about the identity of the Exodus Pharaoh. In part one, we’ll talk about evidence for the Israelites in Egypt, the Pharaohs of the oppression, and the Pharoah’s daughter who removed infant Moses from the Nile River. Who is the Pharaoh of the Exodus? Find out on this exciting episode of Digging for Truth!


Was there an Israelite Exodus from Egypt, or should the account in the Bible be relegated to myth and/or a so-called remnant of "cultural memory." Archaeologist Dr. Titus Kennedy joins again us to talk about archaeological evidence which supports the biblical account of the Exodus (part two).

The OT authors consistently look back to the Exodus from Egypt more than any other event to appeal to God’s power and faithfulness in His covenant with Israel. Critical scholars deny the historicity of these events, and unfortunately, a growing number of evangelical scholars cast doubt on the history of the Exodus, Moses, and the people coming out of Egypt. To help us set the record straight, Archaeologist Dr. Titus Kennedy is here to talk about evidence for the historical authenticity of the book of Exodus.

Archaeologist Dr. Michael Hasel join us to talk about the city of Lachish. Dr. Hasel is the Co-Director of the Fourth Expedition to Lachish. Destroyed by the Assyrians in 701 BC, Lachish was second most important city in Judah after Jerusalem and is of great importance in the formation of Judah at the time of Rehoboam.

Watch the countdown of the Top Ten All Time archaeological discoveries related to King David!

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