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On Thursday May 14, 2009, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis Ministries spoke at the Associates for Biblical Research annual fundraising banquet...

On Thursday May 14, 2009, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis Ministries spoke at the Associates for Biblical Research annual fundraising banquet.

This fundraising banquet was one of the most exciting events I have experienced in my 4 years at the ABR ministry. This banquet produced the largest turnout ever for an ABR event: over 675 people came out to support ABR and hear Ken's stirring and important message. Praise the Lord! Many of the folks in the audience found out about ABR for the first time, and we hope they will be able to use our materials and ministry outreach to teach their children and defend the Scriptures against all the varied assaults that are being launched today.

We were so very blessed by Ken and his wife, Mally. Ken's keynote topic was: Understanding the loss of Biblical Authority in church and the culture and it's connection to attacks and compromise on the book of Genesis.

In his address, Ken referred to an important new book, where he and co-author Brit Beemer show how the statistical data shockingly demonstrates that kids are being dragged away from the church by secularism at an early age. Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do To Stop It.

This eye opening book is a must for all Christian parents who want to prevent their children from becoming a casualty in the secularist war against the faith.

In his usual engaging, humorous, and God-honoring style, Ken passionately showed the audience how:

1. America is now a nation of many gods, where it used to be primarily a Christian nation. We are now a nation of "Greeks".

2. Despite the large number of seminaries, Bible colleges, parachurch ministries and churches, the culture is still being secularized as never before.

3. Despite their exposure to the church and "Bible stories", 70% or so of our teenagers are likely to reject the faith by the time they enter college. Most of them are being lost before they even step onto a college campus.

4. Most Christian children are not being equipped to answer and deal with the attacks on the Bible, planting seeds of doubt at a relatively young age, which grow in time and eventually drive them from Christ.

5. Many of the attacks on the Bible that cause doubt in our young people pertain to the early chapters of Genesis, particularly attacks on Genesis 1, the acceptance of evolution and long age dogmatism, rejection of the Genesis Flood, and many other attacks on God's Word.

Ken was gracious enough to share about his evening with ABR on his blog, which can be found on the Answers in Genesis website ( )

On behalf of the staff, board and volunteers of the Associates for Biblical Research, I would like to extend our deepest thanks to Ken and Mally for giving so much to the ABR ministry. We are so grateful and commit to praying for and supporting Answers in Genesis in any way we are able.

The Banquet Hall was packed to hear Ken's message and support ABR

Ken giving his passionate and relevant keynote address.

Ken with Dr. David Livingston, ABR Founder and Board Member.

Ken with ABR staff members: Scott Lanser, Rick Lanser, and Henry Smith (right to left).

Ken and his wife, Mally.

P.S. I had the honor of sharing a brief testimony about AIG's influence in my Christian walk, and how Ken's ministry not only strengthened my walk with the Lord, but also brought me to the ministry of ABR. I want to personally express my thanks to Ken and everyone at AIG for being an important part of my spiritual journey. Thank you, Ken!





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