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Please help ABR finish our fiscal year with all our needs met! Your donations are critically needed

Dear ABR Friend and Supporter,

This month ABR began its ninth season of digging at Khirbet el-Maqatir in search of Joshua's Ai under the direction of Dr. Bryant Wood. These efforts combined with 24 years of excavations at Khirbet Nisya (1979-2002) under the direction of Dr. David Livingston, demonstrate ABR's extraordinary commitment to providing clear evidence for the conquest of Canaan under Joshua. Drs. Livingston and Wood have devoted much of their lives and scholarly careers to properly identify the precise location of biblical Ai, and the work is ongoing.

At our recent annual banquet Josh McDowell brought a stirring message in which he challenged a large crowd of ABR supporters about the philosophical changes that are occurring in our culture, and that there is a powerful divide between the post-modern thinking of youth today and the thinking of older generations. In his message he powerfully urged the church to get behind ABR and to give sacrificially so that ABR can create the critical archaeological / apologetic resources that are so desperately needed. These resources empower ABR to confront the current philosophical drift and the tragedy of young men and women dropping out of the church and walking away from the Lord.

At the conclusion of his presentation Josh also addressed the staff of ABR and urged upon us the need to faithfully report on how those funds are being used to further the mission of ABR. Needless to say, I am proud of the staff of ABR and the profound sacrifices made in order to accomplish the goals and strategic objectives of this ministry. This is why I opened my letter telling you about our original research and fieldwork being carried out in search of the ancient city of Ai. Our small but dedicated staff has tirelessly sought to provide the evidence and research to boldly contradict the assessments of scholars who seek to dismiss the Bible and its account of the conquest of the Promised Land. Each season of digging provides important pieces of the puzzle that helps strengthen the evidence for the biblical account of the conquest.

Of course, the dig is only one part of a much larger series of accomplishments that change lives. Your gifts have made it possible for us to maintain our website which is now receiving upwards of 1,000 visitors a day. We are receiving a record number of responses from people all over the world. Over and over again they tell us how thankful they are for our site because they find answers to their questions and strength for their faith. We produce a free monthly electronic newsletter and a full color quarterly publication, Bible and Spade, with articles and information that powerfully informs and enlightens those trying to understand the Bible and its history. ABR is also involved in important research involving Noah's Ark, the location of Mt. Sinai, Inerrancy and the text of the Bible, and many other subjects critical to the defense of the Bible. Our most recent efforts include creating a Bible curriculum and a series of educational videos with the unique insights from the world of biblical archaeology. These educational resources can only be completed if underwritten by the sincere and sacrificial giving of the Body of Christ.

Sadly, giving to ABR has declined in the past 9 months as the effects of the sluggish national economy continue to erode people's ability to give with greater liberality. With the fiscal year ending June 30th, ABR will need to receive an additional $40,000 to meet all of its responsibilities and commitments. This need is acute and critical to avoid a reduction in our staff and cut-backs in our ministry and research commitments. If you have reduced your giving to ABR in the past few years, please consider expanding your commitment at this time so that we can finish the year in a sound fiscal position and launch our new fiscal year on sound footing; and more importantly, so that the ministry of ABR can continue to fulfill its mission without serious disruption. Thank you for all you do for the ministry of ABR. Your partnership with us is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you!

All for Jesus,

Scott Lanser


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ABR fulfills its mission through memberships and generous donations from supporters.

Join us in our mission! No matter what your level of interest, from keeping abreast of the fascinating research that comes out of the field work, to actively participating in an archaeological dig, you can become an integral part of our ministry.

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