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Joel Kramer is the son of an oil company worker, raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After graduating from college with a BA degree in communications, he moved to the 95% Mormon town of Brigham City, Utah where he married his wife Cathy, began a family, and started Living Hope Ministries. The vision was to focus on the medium of film to both educate Christians about Mormonism and produce tools that would more effectively equip Christians in their witness to Mormons. Joel and his team released four films, DNA vs. The Book of Mormon (2003), Called to Be Free (04), The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon (05) and Lifting the Veil of Polygamy (07). The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon proved to be the most effective tool in bringing Mormons to Christ because it not only taught the falsehood of the Book of Mormon, but emphasized the truth of the Bible. To teach Mormons what is true about the Bible became Joel's passion, so he moved his family and Living Hope Ministries from Utah to Jerusalem, Israel in 2007. The name of the ministry was changed to SourceFlix and the vision broadened beyond, but not excluding, Mormonism. SourceFlix has produced three more films from Israel : The Jesus Tomb Unmasked (2009), Jericho Unearthed (2009) and The Bible vs. Joseph Smith (2010). Joel dillgently serves the ABR ministry on the ground in Israel: filming, providing administrative assistance for ABR's Dig in Israel, and informing ABR about the events happening on the ground in Israel today. Joel has been an ABR Associate since May 2010. 

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