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Assuming conquest is required, the following results were found.

  • About ABR

    ancient man and cultures from the Flood to Abraham and from Abraham to the formation of Israel in Egypt, the Exodus, the Conquest of Canaan, and the Monarchy. The teaching ministries of ABR include published research, popular articles in ABR...
  • Victory at Ai: Archaeology and Joshua 7-8 on DVD

    Ai is simply an embarrassment to every view of the conquest that takes the biblical and archaeological evidence seriously' This is what Bible critics have been saying for decades about the Israelite battle at Ai in Joshua 7-8. Our excavation site...
  • Never Bow the Knee!

    city of Ai. Our work continues in uncovering and documentingimportant discoveries and in providing evidence for the Conquest of Canaan by the Israelites. These are just a few of the many ways in which God is using ABR to reach our culture with the...
  • Tall el-Hammam 2008: A Personal Perspective

    while digging at Tall el-Hammam. The Iron Age: The Tall el-Hammam of Solomon and the Kingdom of Israel At the time of the Conquest of Canaan, the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half of Manasseh requested and were allowed to occupy land on the east side of...
  • The Landing-Place of Noah's Ark: Testimonial, Geological and Historical Considerations: Part Four

    10th century A.D.) and Islamic tradition (based on Koran 11:46) set the ark's landfall on Mount Judi, which after the Arab conquest was generally identified with a range only 2,100 m high in the Jazira (southeast of Siirt in what is now Turkish...
  • Martyrium of Apostle Philip Found

    with the building of small churches in the 9th and 10th centuries among the ruins of the martyrium. And even after the conquest of the area by the Seljuk Turks in the 12th century, western pilgrims continued to visit the site as its association with...
  • Finding the Lost City of Ai: Joshua 7-8 with Dr. Bryant Wood (Part Three)

    Dr. Bryant Wood walks the audience through the archaeological evidence pertaining to the Conquest of the Biblical city of Ai, discussing the scholarly debate, the evidence he has encovered, and the case for Khirbet el-Maqatir as the Ai of Joshua.
  • The Geography and Military Strategy of King Uzziah: An Expansionist Policy That Led to His Destruction

    The latter would be the earlier name of the site, and the fortress of Ezion-Geber would have been founded, after David's conquest of Edom, as an emporium for the South-Arabian trade' (Mazar 1975: 119*). He suggested that Tell el-Kheleifeh was Ebronah,...
  • Clear Away the 'Debris': An Appeal from ABR

    of the Scripture to stand firm in their faith. Why Ai? Because critics claim that Joshua never existed, and that the Conquest of the Promised Land was a myth created by later Israelites. With each shovel full of dirt we are uncovering evidence that...
  • There Be Giants in the Earth

    dealing with them include Num. 13; Deut. 1, 3, 9; Josh. 11, 12; I Sam. 17; 2 Sam. 21; and I Chr. 20. As they undertook the conquest of the Promised Land under Joshua and continued to extend their dominion over it into the time of David, the Israelites...
  • Finding the Lost City of Ai: Joshua 7-8 with Dr. Bryant Wood (Part Five)

    Dr. Bryant Wood walks the audience through the archaeological evidence pertaining to the Conquest of the Biblical city of Ai, discussing the scholarly debate, the evidence he has encovered, and the case for Khirbet el-Maqatir as the Ai of Joshua.
  • Did the walls of Jericho really fall as the Bible describes?

    Does the Evidence Disprove or Prove the Bible? Carbon 14 Dating at Jericho The Rise and Fall of the 13th Century Exodus-Conquest Theory The walls of Jericho Did the Israelites conquer Jericho? A new look at the archaeological evidence Extra Biblical...
  • Kristen Davis

    during the Late Bronze and Early Iron ages, to see how the religious archaeological remains relate to the Biblical conquest account. She is the Founder of DoubtLess Faith Ministries.
  • The Shiloh Excavations: Shiloh, Israel

    structures. Uncover evidence of the biblical sacrificial system. Understand daily life in Israel at the time of the Conquest and the period of the Judges. Introduce the new technologies of wet-sifting and computerization in the field. Equip students and...
  • Monumental Staircase Unearthed at Hazor

    theory believe that this destruction happened under Joshua’s leadership, a straightforward reading of Scripture places the Conquest in the 15 th century BC (ca. 1406 BC). The Bible also describes the Israelites defeating Jabin, King of Hazor, under the...
  • More Evidence of Babylonian Destruction Unearthed in Jerusalem

    Excavators from the Mount Zion Archaeological Project have announced the discovery of evidence of the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem in 587/586 BC. While digging in an Iron Age structure within the old city walls, they unearthed layers of ash that...
  • App Review: iWitness Biblical Archaeology

    than it solves, and is biblically unnecessary (see Dr. Bryant Wood’s article here: Notably absent is any significant discussion...
  • A Review of the 2015 Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting

    that also included pictures of Rachel re-creating seals. Bryant Wood provided a talk on the chronology of Joshua's Conquest, explaining the dating of the destruction levels at Jericho, Ai and Hazor, and demonstrating thealignment of biblical truth with...
  • Abimelech at Shechem

    The Anchor Bible Dictionary 5, ed. David N. Freedman. New York: Doubleday. Wood, Bryant G. 1997 The Role of Shechem in the Conquest of Canaan. Pp. 245-56 in To Understand the Scriptures: Essays in Honor of William H. Shea, ed. David Merling. Berrien...
  • The Doctrine of God and the Philosophical Problem of Evil

    good, the defeat of Japan. In the same way, is it not plausible, therefore, that God may have a perfect plan for the conquest of evil? Humans cannot know all the facts as it relates to the totality of all creation. Humans would know very little compared...

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