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  • Israeli Archaeologists Find Rare Gold Coins

    The Israel Antiquities Authority reported a thrilling find recently -- the discovery of 264 ancient gold coins in Jerusalem National Park.
  • Rare Wooden Statue of Hatshepsut Discovered in Egypt

    A team of Canadian archeologists has unearthed a rare wooden statue of a pharaoh at a dig site in southern Egypt, and clues suggest the figure may be an important new representation of Hatshepsut. Queen Hatshepsut has been identified as a strong...
  • Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

    Ben Stein's film will no doubt upset academics who are opposed to questioning the dogma of evolution. Find out about their oppressive and intolerant tactics in this important movie. Tell your friends and family about the movie. This is an eye-opening...
  • The Economic Effect on Biblical Archaeology

    The downturn in the economy has hit the fields of Biblical archaeology and ancient Near Eastern studies particularly hard. Even in the best of times, it is difficult to find a permanent job in these fields. The number of new Ph.D.s entering the job...
  • ABR reports from the AIG Apologetics Conference

    Henry Smith and Scott Lanser spoke at the 2010 AIG Apologetics for the Family Conference in Sevierville, Tennessee this week. The Conference was attended by 2,700 people who were challanged to defend their faith through a series of informative and...
  • Creation Scientist Dr. Andrew Snelling Denied Permit in the Grand Canyon

    Dr. Andrew Snelling from Answers in Genesis (AiG) has been denied a permit to conduct geological research in the Grand Canyon. A lawsuit has been filed on his behalf by the civil liberties organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) naming the Grand...
  • Biblical Manuscripts From Greek Library Digitized

    The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM) has announced the completion of their project to digitize all of the New Testament manuscripts from the National Library of Greece (NLG). The collection at the NLG is one of the largest in...
  • Ancient First Temple Artifacts Uncovered in Jerusalem

    Archaeologists from Israel's Antiquities Authority (IAA) have revealed two important artifacts recently discovered in Jerusalem, both dating from the First Temple Period (800-700 BC). Israel News...
  • ABR's Excavations at Shiloh Now Underway 2

    The Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) has begun an exciting new chapter in their archaeological research. From May 21-June 17, 2017, ABR is conducting excavations on the north side of the ancient city of Shiloh which, according to the Bible, was...
  • Whitcomb Ministries conference to be held in Indiana

    Dr. John Whitcomb, president of Whitcomb Ministries, Inc., will speak on the subject of apologetics and explain the foundational place that the Bible must have in the life of the believer at the Fifth Annual Day with Whitcomb Ministries, to be held at...
  • Samson Mosaic Discovered in Galilean Synagogue

    A monumental synagogue building dating to the Late Roman period has been discovered in archaeological excavations at Huqoq in the Galilee, which includes a mosaic depicting Samson. For more, visit: Israel Antiquities Authority
  • Joshua's Ai Exhibit At Houston Baptist University

    The Board and Staff of Associates for Biblical Research are pleased to announce the opening of: 'Khirbet el-Maqatir: The History of a Biblical Site' at the Dunham Bible Museum of Houston Baptist University, January 21st through December, 2014. A full...
  • Judges Era Jewelry Discovered at Megiddo

    The Megiddo Expedition have recently discovered a collection of gold, silver and bronze jewelry, wrapped in fabric, hidden in a vessel at Tel Megiddo. The vessel was found in a domestic context that was dated to the Iron Age I (around 1100 B.C.). This...
  • Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times

    The well-displayed 'Dead Sea Scroll' exhibition at the Discovery Times Square building in New York City is about more than just the Dead Sea Scrolls, it is about daily life in the Biblical world. The subtitle says it all: 'Life and Faith in Biblical...
  • Construction Ready to Begin on Life Sized Noah's Ark

    During a live web stream presented by the president/CEO of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, AiG announced that enough money had been raised for the Ark Encounter bond offering to allow the release of the funds to start construction of this full-size Ark in...
  • Egypt to carry out DNA test on Mummy

    Egypt plans to conduct a DNA test on a 3,500-year-old mummy to determine whether it belongs to King Thutmose I, one of the most famous Pharoahs, the country's chief archaeologist said last week.
  • Ancient Palace Discovered Underneath the Tomb of Jonah

    Archaeologists in Iraq have been documenting ISIS's destruction of the purported tomb of Jonah, which they blew up soon after their seizure of the area in 2014. They discovered that ISIS had dug tunnels under the shrine and into the previously unknown...
  • First Century Pilgrim Road Uncovered in Jerusalem

    For the last seven years, researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority have been involved in the removal of large amounts of debris that have accumulated in the largest water channel from the Second Temple period. The route of this channel follows...
  • First Century House Unearthed in Nazareth

    According to Yardenna Alexandre, excavation director on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, 'The discovery is of the utmost importance since it reveals for the very first time a house from the Jewish village of Nazareth and thereby sheds light...
  • Possible Pilgrimage Road to Jerusalem Identified

    For hundreds of years, in both Old and New Testament times, Jewish people would make their way to Jerusalem for numerous festivals. Until the temple was destroyed in 70 AD, the average Jewish person would travel to Jerusalem at least three times per...

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