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  • Dig Diary From Khirbet el-Maqatir: Winter 2012 Part 5

    Joining Scott and his team was Dee Alberty from Baton Rouge, LA. Dee shares her experiences in Part 5 of this diary. Day 16---TOUR, Happy New Year 2013 Quiet morning, just another work day for most folks here in Jerusalem. Me? I woke up very early, just...
  • Remember, Archaeology is NOT a Treasure Hunt

    The headline of the Science Section of the New York Times for Tuesday, September 28, 2004, read, 'Solving a Riddle Written in Silver.' I recognized the picture underneath the headline right away. It was a portion of a silver amulet that was one of two...
  • Unmasked Evil From the Modern Day Cult of Molech

    his/her mother's womb is 'a life worth sacrificing.' For Williams, nothing less than being God is appropriate for modern day feminism and leftist ideology. The Psalmist tells us in no uncertain terms to whom these horrific sacrifices are really made:...
  • The Search for Joshua's Ai at Khirbet el-Maqatir: Season 9-Set Up Day

    Tomorrow we begin the first day of excavation at Khirbet el-Maqatir, 10 miles north of Jerusalem in Israel's West Bank. Directed by Dr. Bryant Wood, this is the dig's 9th season, all sponsored by the Associates for Biblical Research. Today, our dig...
  • The Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Part 1

    existence of the Church and changes in the lives of millions of believers. It is an event that Christians remember each Sunday as they gather together for worship. This event is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Josh McDowell was a skeptic...
  • The Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Part 2

    appeared to Mary Magdalene (Mark 16:9). Mary Magdalene came with the other women to the tomb on that first Resurrection Sunday (Matt 28:1-8). An angel told her and the other women not to be afraid because Jesus was risen from the dead. An angel also...
  • The So-Called Jesus Family Tomb 'Rediscovered' in Jerusalem

    On Monday morning, February 26, 2007, I heard this opening statement by Matt Lauer on the NBC Today show: "Is this the tomb of Jesus? A shocking new claim that an ancient burial place may have housed the bones of Christ and a son. This morning a Today...
  • Dig Diary From Khirbet el-Maqatir: Winter 2012 Part 4

    Joining Scott and his team was Dee Alberty from Baton Rouge, LA. Dee shares her experiences in Part 4 of this diary. Day 12 - DIG, Last Day On our 20 minute early morning drive to work, it was clear enough to see the twin towers all the way in Amman,...
  • John 2:12-21 and Herodian Chronology

    wedding at Cana] He went down to Capernaum, He and His mother and His brothers and His disciples; and they stayed there a few days. 13 The Passover of the Jews was near, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 14 And He found in the temple [ hieros ] those who...
  • Sign Up for The Shiloh Excavations!

    OPEN! One, Two, Three or Four week dig participation is available for volunteers. "Israel Uncharted 2020" Pre-Dig Tour: Friday May 8 to Sunday May 17, 2020 with Dr. Scott Stripling and Aaron Lipkin (Lipkin Tours) Four Weeks of Excavation: Sunday May 17...
  • Digging for Truth-Episode 28: Artifacts from Every Day Life in Bible Times

    a round table discussion with archaeologist Gary Byers. We will discuss artifacts from Bible times that people used in every day life.
  • The Search for Joshua's Ai at Khirbet el-Maqatir, 2011: Day Two

    For the first day of the dig, we were pretty pleased at how well we got things going. Today, we got into our squares in earnest. While pottery, tools, weapons and jewelry are interesting, my favorite find in archaeology is architecture. Walls and...
  • A History of ABR: Its Founders and Associates (1969-1994)

    place at that time, the burden that lay on the heart of the founder, the struggles and blessings that accompanied those early days, until Associates for Biblical Research was finally put-in-place as a workable organization. But before I tell about...
  • The Baltimore Running Festival, the 300 and Esther

    important events leading to it. While the actual number of troops on both the Greek and Persian sides is unclear, scholars today suggest maybe 25,000 Persians and 10,000 Greeks who met at Marathon. It wasan Athenian dominated effort supported by a...
  • Digging at Khirbet el-Maqatir 2015: Week Four

    With the 2015 summer dig season complete, 22 volunteers took a day of rest (Shabbat) before embarking on a series of field trips in the Holy Land. While many of the sites visited are well-known, just as many are not well known to many of the group. But...
  • Ezekiel 26:1-14: A Proof Text For Inerrancy or Fallibility of The Old Testament?

    4:3). Interestingly, Ezekiel 29:17-20 is the last oracle in the book, dated "the 27th year, in the first month on the fi rst day" (29:17), i.e., April 26, 571 BC (NIV Study Bible: 1267). It is dated two years after the rest of the document was...
  • Earthquakes on the Increase? Or Warning of Judgment to come?

    increase in the number of earthquakes and associate these quakes with the words of Jesus to show we are in, or near, the last days (cf. Matt. 24:7)... Earthquakes are awesome natural phenomena that intrigue geologists who study them and terrorize...
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