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In a new paper published in Tel Aviv: Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University, researchers have identified the date of construction of a significant street in Jerusalem. The 2000-foot-long (600 meter) road connected the Siloam Pool to the Temple Mount. While the existence of the street has been known since the 19th century, it was only recently that scholars determined its date of construction. Archaeologists excavated beneath the street in areas that had been sealed by the street's mortar. They unearthed dozens of coins, with the latest one being a prutah minted by Pontius Pilate in 30/31 AD. Since none of the coins date to a time period later than this, the scholars have concluded that the street was built during the reign of Pontius Pilate, prefect of Judea. The street itself is monumental, being at least 26 feet (8 meters) wide, and would have required 10,000 tons of quarried limestone to build. Pontius Pilate is named in all four gospels as the man who condemned Jesus to death on a cross. His coins have been found in abundance throughout Judea.




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