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It is inevitable...predictable...almost certain. Each year, some unbelieving scholar or entertainer seemingly comes out of nowhere with an erroneous theory that supposedly debunks the historical and bodily resurrection of the Son of God. The Da Vinci Code, the Gospel of Judas, Bloodline, The Jesus Family Tomb, liberal theologians, and even some so-called 'evangelical' scholars...on and on the list goes of those who, year after year after year, fecklessly attack the central doctrine of the Christian faith.

Naturally, these are assaults by unbelieving men (which we all once were!), who have been blinded by Satan in an attempt to thwart God's purposes in propagating the Gospel message 'to the ends of the earth.' So, since these assaults on the Faith are very destructive, why does ABR eagerly await the next one? We eagerly await it not because we desire it. May it never be so! We are saddened by these attacks and their results. We pray for the Day when these blasphemous attacks on God Himself cease forever. But until then, we know the attacks will continue to come, because Satan will never give up until God defeats him at the end of the age. Until then, we should be prepared for his same old, nonsensical tactics, which are recycled lies from ages past and re-dressed for contemporary eyes.

We eagerly await these attacks we can debunk them and proclaim to those within our reach that Jesus IS the historically and bodily Resurrected Son of God!

Of course, it is not within our own power to do so. Left to our own devices, we too would be among those who reject and mock the Resurrected Messiah. It is by grace we have been saved, through faith in Christ Jesus, our Lord. We are better than no other men, except that we stand in grace because of the death and resurrection of the Son of God. The confidence expressed herein is a confidence in Jesus, not in ourselves. In Him, with Him and through Him, we seek guidance and wisdom from the Scriptures as we deal with the rampant skepticism against Biblical truth that pervades Western civilization.

It is hoped that during this Easter Season, these articles and videos will edify you and help you evangelize to people who do not know the unfathomable mercy and grace of the Son of God.

The Physical Resurrection a Historical Fact: Part One: A three part series by Rene Lopez.

The Physical Resurrection a Historical Fact: Part Two

The Physical Resurrection a Historical Fact: Part Three

The Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Part 1: A two part series by Gary Gromacki.

The Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Part 2

The Nazareth Inscription: Proof of the Resurrection of Christ? Part I

The Nazareth Inscription: Proof of the Resurrection of Christ? Part II The Nazareth Inscription is one of the most powerful pieces of extra-biblical evidence that the resurrection of Christ was being preached right from the beginnings of Christianity. It is a Greek inscription on a marble tablet measuring approximately 24 inches by 15 inches.The text records an abridged decree by Emporer Claudius, instituting the death penalty for tomb robbing, a very unusual punishment. This evidence clearly proves that the story of the resurrection of Christ was widely known almost immediately after His crucifixion...

Is the Resurrection Historically Reliable? It depends on whom you ask. The human writers of Scripture, particularly Paul and the gospel writers, seem to have thought so. In fact, Paul went so far as to suggest that if Jesus did not rise, Christianity is nothing but a blind alley-a fool's hope (1 Cor 15:14). To be sure, a good number of people think Christianity, along with its tale of resurrection from death, is precisely that-a tale.

Thinking Clearly About the 'Jesus Family Tomb' According to James Tabor, after John was executed by Herod, Jesus went to Jerusalem and confronted the Jewish religious leadership with their corruption, demanding a return to righteousness and the kingdom of God. Jesus expected God's help and protection in this mission, but was instead crucified. Jesus did not rise from the dead-an idea Tabor argues developed much later...

From The Mailbox We frequently find that skeptics and atheists visit our website, read something that sets them off, and post a diatribe to the Comments area. Most of the time these remarks are never published, since they represent emotional outbursts rather than an honest wrestling with facts. But once in a while, even if we do not make the comments public, we nevertheless send a personal reply to the writer...

Resurrection: Reason to Believe or Wishful Thinking? Most people erroneously assume that the Gospels are not historically reliable accounts. The stories handed down to us are the product of myth and legend embellished by later writers long after Jesus was crucified and buried. This is a lie that must be confronted head on...

The Resurrection of the Jerusalem Saints at the Feast of the Firstfruits I would like to examine Matthew 27:51-54 in light of what we know of Jewish burial practices in Jerusalem during the Second Temple period, and then ask two questions, 'What happened to these resurrected saints?' 'What is the prophetic significance of the veil of the Temple being torn in two from top to bottom and the saints being resurrected?'

The Imperial Cult and the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Paul writes that the Lord Jesus was 'born of the Seed of David according to the flesh, and declared to be the Son of God with power according to the Spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead.' It was the covenant promise of God to David and the bodily resurrection that set Him apart from all the Roman emperors...

The Resurrection and the Value of a Soul The high point of the Christian calendar should be the Day of Resurrection. We have just now celebrated this day of days with our church families with songs and messages of the triumph over death and hell of our great Savior...

The So-Called Jesus Family Tomb 'Rediscovered' in Jerusalem On Monday morning, February 26, 2007, I heard this opening statement by Matt Lauer on the NBC Today show: 'Is this the tomb of Jesus? A shocking new claim that an ancient burial place may have housed the bones of Christ and a son. This morning a Today exclusive that could rock Christianity to its core.'...

Interrupting Ehrman: Critiquing His Latest Polemic Against the Faith The indefatigible skeptic is at it again...His most recent polemic is entitled: Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (and Why We Don't Know About Them). Easily identified and refuted by committed Christian scholars and apologists who take Biblical authority seriously, this book targets the unsuspecting layman in the pew. And THAT makes it worth critiquing...

Golgotha: A Reconsideration of the Evidence for the Sites of Jesus' Crucifixion and Burial Currently, the most popular alternative site to traditional Golgotha, located in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem, is the area of Gordon's Calvary, with the so-called 'Garden Tomb,' but scholarly endorsement of this locality has never been very strong. Generally, the current consensus holds that Golgotha was located...

After the Hype: The Significance of The Gospel of Judas Now that the pre-Easter media hype for the publication of the Gospel of Judas is over and the Da Vinci Code movie hype is in full swing, this appears to be an appropriate time to consider the real significance of this 'new' gospel. Popularly known as the Gospel of Judas...

BLOODLINE: Serious Documentary or Hollywood Hoax? The secular world is not immune to the sensationalistic approach to archaeology either, but sometimes with a more sinister twist: to try and discredit the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ. One just has to read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (2003); The Jesus Dynasty by James Tabor (2006); and The Jesus Family Tomb by Simcha Jacobovici and Charles Pellegrino (2007). Now there is a new movie out that makes the same attempt to attack the deity of the Lord Jesus and His bodily resurrection...

The Historical Basis of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci CodeThe Da Vinci Code There is none! But that doesn't make for much of an article, and I have some really important things to say about this book. This article is not a book review, but a response to the novel because of the impact it has had on the general public...

Fact and Fiction: Checking the Da Vinci Code History Daniel Brown's 2003 novel, The Da Vinci Code, has sold over 36 million copies in 44 languages and has been a best seller for months. Has the real truth about Jesus been repressed? Is Christianity a fraud?...

Updated April 2, 2021

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