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The Canaanite city of Hazor was destroyed by the Israelites in the late 15th century BC. Join DFT co-hosts Scott Lanser and Henry Smith as they discuss the importance of Hazor, King Jabin, the Amarna Letters, the Mari archive and Egyptian execration texts mentioning Hazor. (Part one of two).

Dr. William Barrick (Professor Emeritus in Old Testament, The Master's Seminary) joins us to talk about Canyon Ministries. These tours are conducted by knowledgeable and exciting guides who combine the study of God’s Word with the science of God’s world in helping you see and understanding the amazing histories and events that have shaped this planet and its geology in the American Southwest. The Grand Canyon is a beautiful and sobering witness to the Genesis Flood. For more, visit:

This study guide can be downloaded for free:

For the past 150 years archaeologists have been digging in the lands of the Bible, unearthing hundreds of artifacts that directly relate to the biblical text. Many of these finds affirm specific details in Scripture, demonstrating that the Bible is a historically reliable document. ABR Staff Writer Bryan Windle will be counting down the top ten discoveries of all-time relating to the New Testament.

Every year hundreds of discoveries are made in archaeological digs in the lands of the Bible. Many of these finds relate directly to the Bible; others shed light on different periods in biblical history. While no discovery in archaeology can “prove the Bible is true,” hundreds of finds over the past 150 years have continuously demonstrated the historical reliability of Scripture. Pastor Bryan Windle joins us to count down the top ten discoveries in biblical archaeology of all-time relating to the Old Testament.

Was Jesus of Nazareth just a man? Was he just a rabbi, an itinerant preacher crucified by the Romans? Or was He, as the New Testament declares, the God of the Old Testament in the flesh of mankind? Pastor Mannie Szochet joins us in the studio to explore this vital question. Topics include: the Trinity, the Nicene Creed, John 1, Hebrews 1, the I AM statements, and the forgiveness of sins.

Why is there so much confusion about truth? Where does this confusion come from? Can truth be known? Does Jesus of Nazareth embody Truth? Pastor Mannie Szochet joins us in the studio as we explore this fundamental question of existence: "What is Truth?"

Every year thousands of archaeologists and volunteers dig in the lands of the Bible. Hundreds of news stories come from these archaeological excavation reporting on important finds. 2018 was an exciting year as amazing discoveries were made that affirmed numerous details from the biblical text. From personal artifacts of biblical people to evidence of a biblical battle to inscriptions that illuminate Scripture. On this episode of Digging for Truth, Bryan Windle will explore the Top Ten Discoveries of Biblical Archaeology in 2018. (All episodes of Digging for Truth are produced by WBPH TV-60 and Associates for Biblical Research:

Did dinosaurs really live over 65 millions years ago? How do they relate to the Bible? What are the implications for the discovery of intact bio-materials being found in dinosaur fossils allegedly tens of millions of years old? On this episode of Digging for Truth, we interview microbiologist Dr. Kevin Anderson. We will discuss a four-foot triceratops horn discovered by Dr. Anderson and his team in Montana. This horn contained soft, stretchy bio-material, which could not have survived millions of years. The worldview and scientific implications are enormous (part two).

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