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Dr. Titus Kennedy joins us again to talk about his book: “Unearthing the Bible: 101 Archeological Discoveries that Bring the Bible to Life.” Topics in part two include: "Hardening" Pharaoh's heart, the Goliath Ostracon, Jesus Graffiti, the unknown God, and the Nazareth Inscription.

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Dr. Titus Kennedy joins us to talk about his must-read book: “Unearthing the Bible: 101 Archeological Discoveries that Bring the Bible to Life.” Dr. Kennedy will be here for two episodes to talk about his book, and some of those 101 discoveries that bring the Bible to life. Topics include: Adapa, the Lord of Aratta, Papyrus Brooklyn, and the Jacob el Scarabs.

Buy the book at: ABR online bookstore

Was the text of the Old Testament in chaos and disorder before the second century AD? Dr. Peter Gentry joins us again to talk about the transmission and preservation of the OT text. Topics include: repetition, resignification, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Masada Psalm scroll, the Septuagint, and Codex Vaticanus and Sinaiticus. (Part Two).

On the next two episodes of Digging for Truth, we will be exploring questions about the origins and preservation of the text of the OT. To help guide us, we have Dr. Peter Gentry from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary joining us from Louisville, KY. Dr. Gentry is an expert on the Hebrew and Greek OT. Topics include: The Dead Sea Scrolls, scribal habits, the Samaritan Pentateuch, and the Septuagint.

Bryan Windle joins us to discuss the reign of King Omri of the northern kingdom of Israel. Topics include: Tirzah, Samaria, the Moabite Stone, the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III, and Tiglath Pileser III.

ABR Staff Member, Bryan Windle will be joining us again for another archaeological biography. We’ll be talking about one of the longest reigning kings of Judah – King Uzziah. Topics include: the Uzziah tablet, his expansionist policy, the Sebnayau Seal, Amos' earthquake, and more!

In the fourth episode in a four part series, "Defending the Faith in a Faithless World," Ted Wright joins us again to talk about the reliability of the New Testament. Subjects include: eyewitnesses, historical records, archaeological evidence, the Resurrection, and Josephus and Tacitus.

In part 3 of a 4 part series, Ted Wright joins us again to discuss "Defending the Faith." We will be asking the question, "Are Miracles Possible?" Topics include: theism, atheism, pantheism, natural laws, the open and closed box, and Jesus' Resurrection.

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